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Project Unfurl

Oct 25, 2018

teaser for S01 E06 - Running for the APM board of trustees and other project management muses.

Are you a MAPM or a FAPM? are you wondering who to vote for in this month's board elections? This year, Darren Jaudrill and I, (Sorrel Gilbert) are both standing for the board. And here's a short podcast so that you can get to know us!

If you want to know more Darren can be found on twitter at @DarrenJaundrill or on LinkedIn here:


As always, find Sorrel at:

and Sorrel’s website is here:

Find our facebook group here:

or follow us on twitter @Times_PM

I’m friendly, don’t bite, and really like to chat to people.

You can find the podcast on our webpage here.

Also find the podcast on iTunes (i.e. Apple Podcasts - because, branding) Spotify and Dogcatcher and I’m working on Google Play. 

This podcast is not affiliated with anyone in particular, this includes the APM and any organisations for which the guests or Sorrel work for or with. All opinions are our own.

While I try to get my information correct, if you are applying for any APM accreditation or qualification please check the APM’s website for the most up to date information. They also know what they’re talking about, unlike me.